Santuario Jesús Sacramentado is a catholic church located in the neighborhood of Almagro, in downtown Buenos Aires. Architects Merry, Raines and Sackmann were commissioned with the design of this worship space in 1893, and the temple opened its doors in 1904. Funding for the construction project was provided by neighbors of the Almagro neighborhood and through a generous endowment of the Unzué-Díaz de Vivar family. A massive German organ, considered one of the best in the city of Buenos Aires, was installed in the Santuario.

The natural acoustics of the space make organ music very enjoyable, but speech intelligibility was greatly impaired due to a 6-second reverberation time. Since the internal acoustics of the space were not amenable for modifications, Patagon Acoustics designed a new sound system that performs more efficiently than the existing one. An ODEON model was created and the ecclesiastical authorities of the Santuario were invited to listen to the different configurations of the new sound system in our AmbiNEAS laboratory.

Conveying sonic truth through science, art and engineering.

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